41 minutes | Oct 4th 2020

Sarah Le-Fevre Finding Balance in Ludogogy | Episode 154

Sarah Le-Fevre is a Learning design and delivery professional and certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator.  After tiring of creating programs for blue-chip clients that focused almost solely on growth and profit, Sarah made the decision to keep the same audience but shift the focus to learning around sustainability, human flourishing and tackling systemic wicked problems. With a focus on experiential learning, specifically games and learning in nature, Sarah specializes in creating programs which allow learners time to reflect and create their own learning about complex systemic issues and is in the process of writing a book about a Systems Practice approach to learning design for organizational change. Sarah also runs a bi-monthly online magazine ‘Ludogogy’, which explores games-based learning, gamification, and gameful and playful design.  Sarah can be contacted at sarah@gamesforgood.co.uk (or search LI for Sarah Le-Fevre, with a hyphen) and you can visit the magazine at ludogogy.co.uk