33 minutes | May 9th 2016

Women, Money & Hard Choices w/ Tess Wicks

Today's guest is Tess Wicks. Tess is the Host of a podcast, a Writer and Public Speaker for "Words & Money" which is a platform dedicated to educating career-driven women on their personal financial matters. Tess’ goal is to add a little snark, sass, and humor into your financially savvy, goal attaining journey by taking these particularly dry and mind-numbing topics and showing you that... well, getting smart with your money isn't only for the mega-rich big boys, and it doesn't have to be quite as boring and unrelatable as we all might assume it is.

You contact & keep track of Tess at tesswicks.com

Visit her blog at www.tesswicks.com/blog and listen to her podcast here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/words-money-female-finance/id1074065630?mt=2

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tess_wicks

Twitter: www.twitter.com/tess_wicks

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wordsandmoney

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Why Tess is passionate about focusing on empowering women

  • The common traits she notices about successful Professionals

  • What was going through Tess’ mind when we quit her stable job

  • A memorable hickey


Intro/Outro Music: AShamaluevMusic

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