59 minutes | Sep 28th 2020

Student-to-Student Leadership Series: w/ Kristen Day

Our guest on this episode of the "Student-To-Student Leadership Series" is Kristen Day. Kristen is a writer, video producer, performer, and encourager from Indianapolis, IN. She's a senior studying Marketing, Communication, and Acting at Purdue University. 

Aside from her studies, Kristen is President of Purdue's only long-form improv comedy troupe, Ad Liberation, and will be joining Kohl's as a Marketing Strategy Coordinator after graduating in May 2021. She also writes for her blog at thekristenday.com. 

Kristen has had a plethora of Student Leadership experiences and we get the pleasure of hearing her thoughts on:

  • Why is Kristen so passionate about Marketing, Communication, and Acting?
  • Why did she pursue a Leadership Role in Ad Liberation (Purdue's only long-form improv comedy troupe)?
  • How would you describe Leadership Roles on college campus?
  • Her advice for Freshmen navigating the Fall 2020 semester.
  • Her advice and words of encouragement for PoC and women on college campuses.
  • Advice on Quitting.
    • “If it’s not the ‘yes’ for you, then it’s not going to make you great.”
  • Being unsure about what you want to do for a living.

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If you'd like to follow up with Kristen or continue the conversation, you can connect with her in the following ways:  

Website: thekristenday.com