68 minutes | Aug 17th 2020

Marketing, Branding & Sport Marketing w/ Rob Judin from The Draft Network

Our guest on this episode is Rob Judin. Rob the Director of Marketing & Creative Media at The Draft Network.  He's passion... or obsessed with Branding, Marketing, Sports Marketing, College Football, the NFL & the NFL Draft.

We had the pleasure of hearing his thoughts on:

  • His path to doing what he loves.
  • What he loves so much about Football.
  • What is Sports Marketing?  What people get wrong about Sports Marketing? 
  • When you boil it down, what is Marketing?  
  • What you need to be in the Sports Industry?
  • Advice for Creatives.  
  • Passion vs Obsession.  
  • The heavy impact of Kobe’s death.
  • What is needed to be successful in Social Media (for individuals & organizations)?  
  • What is a Brand?  

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If you'd like to follow up with Rob or continue the conversation, you can connect with him in the following ways: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertjudin/

Email: rob@thedraftnetwork.com