68 minutes | Mar 17th 2020

How to Pay Off Your Debt, Quit Your Job, and Travel the World w/ Samantha Burmeister

Our guest on this episode is Samantha Burmeister. Sam is a 9 to 5 nomad - she quit her corporate job and is now a full time traveler, freelance writer, and blogger. We talk all about the steps she took to pay off her debt so she could quit her job and the incredible experiences she has had traveling and living all over the world. Thanks for listening to this episode! If you found this podcast helpful, we'd appreciate if you could take the time to leave us a review. If you'd like to follow up with Sam or continue the conversation, you can connect with her in the following ways: Website: https://www.9to5nomad.co/ Instagram: @9to5.nomad www.Chris-Molina.com Intro/Outro Music: AShamaluev Music
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