60 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

Nse Ufot, CEO of The New Georgia Project, on Organizing & Winning

Nse Ufot is CEO of The New Georgia Project, an integral part of the infrastructure that contributed to Georgia turning blue for Joe Biden and delivering two US Senate seats as part of a Democratic majority. Under her leadership, NGP has trained local activists,  built innovative organizing apps, and helped register over 400,000 voters. In this conversation, Nse talks her childhood move from Nigeria to Atlanta, her early days as a labor lawyer, building NGP with Stacey Abrams, and the strategies employed and lessons learned that helped turn Georgia blue in 2020/2021.IN THIS EPISODE…Nse talks her memories of growing up the first few years of her life in Nigeria…How growing up in a large family informed Nse’s early politics…What got Nse off a path towrard medical school…The childhood hero that taught Nse to “never meet your heroes”…How a UN conference in South Africa & 9/11 set Nse on her career path…Nse’s early career representing public employees in negotiations…Nse talks about what it’s like representing zookeeper’s in public-employee bargaining…Why Nse’s path nearly didn't cross with Stacey Abrams…Nse recounts the origin story of the New Georgia Project…How the Affordable Care Act was a launching pad for growing the New Georgia Project…Nse talks about the Stacey Abrams she knows from working closely with her for years…Nse talks the nuts-and-bolts of political organizing…Nse talks the mechanics of New Georgia Project’s registration efforts…The innovative technology NGP builds and employs…Nse talks NGP’s role in flipping GA in November 2020 & January 2021…How Nse & NGP are looking at the 2022 cycle…
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