53 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

Mindy Myers on Winning Senate Races, Running the DSCC, & Starting MZL Media

Mindy Myers has a knack for being where political history happens and, more importantly, has run and won tough Senate races. She managed Sheldon Whitehouse in 2006 over Linc Chafee and ran Elizabeth Warren's first political race in 2012...then was the first ever woman to serve as E.D of the DSCC. Now she's started MZL Media to put into practice what she's learned winning tough races. And even as a young operative, Mindy found herself witnessing political history...working for trailblazing Congresswoman Pat Schroder, interning in the Clinton White House during impeachment, the Brooks Brothers' riot in Florida, the Daschle office when Jim Jeffords switched, helping Democrats win the Senate in 2006, running a state for Obama in 2008, seeing the very start of the Elizabeth Warren's political career and on and on. This was a great conversation walking through Mindy's time in politics and what she's learned along the way.IN THIS EPISODE…The 1992 Year of the Woman engages a young Mindy growing up in Lancaster, PA…Mindy interns in the office of trailblazing Congresswoman Pat Schroeder…Mindy’s works in the White House during the Clinton impeachment era…Mindy’s moves to Nashville to work on her first campaign in Al Gore’s 2000 race…Mindy’s "boiler room" memories of roller coaster election night 2000Mindy’s on the ground for a first-hand account of the Brooks Brothers riot in Florida…Mindy works in the office of Senator Tom Daschle…Mindy’s memories of Jim Jeffords’ party switch in 2001…What Mindy learned from iconic Chief of Staff Pete Rouse…Mindy manages Sheldon Whitehouse’s 2006 Senate campaign against incumbent Lincoln Chafee…Mindy explains why Linc Chafee was like “a bad boyfriend”…Mindy’s advice for first-time campaign managers…Mindy runs the Obama 2008 general election in New Hampshire…Mindy runs Elizabeth Warren’s first Senate race in 2012…Mindy’s tips for Hill Chiefs of Staff…Mindy’s time as the first woman to serve as the ED of the DSCC…How many phone calls with Chuck Schumer are part of an average week for the ED of the DSCC?Mindy’s memories of the upset victory of Doug Jones over Roy Moore in 2017…Mindy’s decision to launch the new media firm MZL Media...Mindy’s take on how to run effective Independent Expenditure campaigns…Mindy’s “guiding principles” of how candidates should choose consultants…...AND 36 days in Florida 2000, Paul Ambrosino, John Anzalone, ballot watching in Volusia County, Michele Ballantyne, Richard Blumenthal, Donna Brazile, Scott Brown, Pat Buchanan, Mark Childress, Hillary Clinton, Tom Delay, Monica Dixon, Mike Donilon, fabulous memos, Vic Fazio, Donnie Fowler, Franklin & Marshall College, Mandy Grunwald, Joe Hansen, Tim Johnson, Doug Jones, John King, Roger Lau, Tracey Lewis, John McCain, Linda McMahon, Roy Moore, Janet Murguía, obscure Vermont radio, Mark Patterson, Peoples’ Pledge, Pete Rouse, Pat Schroeder, Jeanne Shaheen, Arlen Specter, Chris Van Hollen, Michael Whouley, Lynn Yeakel, Sarah Callahan Zusi…& more!
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