54 minutes | Jun 15, 2021

Miles Coleman, Political Analyst & President of Election Twitter

Miles Coleman is an analyst at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, though he is best known as the unofficial President of "Election Twitter" - a loose affiliation of (mostly) amateur political junkies and pundits who drive much of the political chatter and  analysis on social media. Miles also has helped popularize political cartography, with some of his self-made political maps revealing important insights about elections past, present, and future. In this conversation, Miles talks all things Elections Twitter, goes into his personal connections to two prominent US Senators, talks through the several years he spent at the FBI, and puts on his pundit hat to give his take on the 2022 cycle.(Please consider leaving a rating and review in your podcast app) IN THIS EPISODE… What does Miles have in common with Chris Christie?The first candidate Miles’ waved signs for…The story of Miles first political maps…Miles connection to Senator Kay Hagan…Miles Coleman…at the FBI?Miles story of being around James Comey…Miles trip to New Hampshire as an exit pollster…How does Miles get to the UVA’s Center for Politics…Miles best practices for “race ratings”…Miles DMs with Senator Claire McCaskill…Miles talks the origin of “Election Twitter”…Miles cliffs notes tutorial on what goes into election mapping…Miles early thoughts on the 2022 cycle… AND…Hale Boggs, the Crystal Ball, Dave’s Redistricting App, DDHQ, Elizabeth Dole, Jeff Flake, the IC, the J Edgar Hoover Building, Ron Johnson, Doug Jones, Brian Kemp, Krispy Kreme donuts, Kyle Kondik, Earl Long, minimizing toss ups, Roy Moore, Ray Nagin, Barack Obama, Larry Sabato, Kyrsten Sinema, Chris Sununu, Donald Trump, Ann Wagner, and MORE!(Please consider leaving a rating and review in your podcast app)
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