53 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

James Aldrete on Communicating to a Winning Democratic Coalition

James Aldrete comes out of a family political tradition with one foot in the world of radical Tejano politics of the 50s and 60s - and one foot in the  Democratic establishment. As a political professional, he's merged those strands to start his own firm (MAP) based in Austin, TX and become a leading voice within the Democratic party on communications and messaging, with a focus on Hispanic engagement and media. In this conversation, James talks cutting his teeth in Texas politics for Governors Mark White and Ann Richards, building his own media firm over the past 20+ years, working in multiple presidential campaigns, and his thoughts on the changing way to communicate with a diversifying coalition of voters.Podcast WebsiteTwitter: @ProPoliticsPodTwitter: @ZacMcCraryFacebook: The Pro Politics PodcastIN THIS EPISODEJames grows up with one foot in Texas and one foot in DC…James’ family roots in both radical politics and establishment politics…James remembers leading lights of the Hispanic community coming through for dinners at his house…James’ interns at the Lloyd Bentsen-era DSCC…The 1986 Mark White Governor’s campaign gives James his first political network…James' memories working for Ann Richards’ 1990 campaign…How James grows his business after hanging up his own shingle in the mid 90s…James experience working for Obama 2008 media team…James best practices of communicating with Hispanic voters…James talks Trump’s 2020 performance with Hispanic voters…The Santa Fe Mayoral Race that meant a lot to James…AND Kirk Adams, Sharron Angle, David Axelrod, Lloyd Bentsen, Fabian Chavez, Matthew Dowd, Kida de la Garza, Harris Diamond, the GI Forum, Dave Gold, Javier Gonzales, Charlie Gonzalez, Henry Gonzalez, Larry Grisolano, Luis Guiterrez, Jane Hedgepeth, Dwayne Holman, Ruben Hinojosa, Hubert Humphrey, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Felix Longoria, Jim Margolis, Mark McKinnon, Ruben Montoya, Dick Morris, George Rakis, Harry Reid, Ann Richards, Cecile Richards, Eliot Richardson, Ciro Rodgriguez, George Sanchez, John Sayles, Bob Squier, Raymond Strother, Russ Tidwell, Mark White, Isabel Wilkerson, Ralph Yarborough….and more!Podcast WebsiteTwitter: @ProPoliticsPodTwitter: @ZacMcCraryFacebook: The Pro Politics Podcast
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