60 minutes | Aug 3, 2021

Chuck Rocha On Organizing, Bernie, & Solidarity

Chuck Rocha, Democratic operative and founder of Solidarity Strategies, may have the most interesting and unusual story of ascent in politics. From a 19-year old single father working a union job at a rubber plant in East Texas, to the political director of the national Steelworkers' Union, to a senior advisor to both Bernie Sanders' campaigns, and founder of the largest Latino-owned political consulting firm. Chuck's stories, insight, and advice match his unconventional path in the industry...this is a great conversation with one of the most distinctive voices in American politics.IN THIS EPISODE… Chuck talks navigating both the Mexican and Anglo sides of his family…Chuck talks his first job out of school working in a rubber factory…Chuck’s eyes are opened once he starts working in his local union…The Chuck Rocha 101 of Political Organizing…Chuck’s early intersection with Ann Richards campaigns…Chuck cuts his teeth on Martin Frost’s campaigns in Texas…Chuck’s path from the factory floor to the National Political Director of the Steelworkers…How Chuck makes the decision to start his own firm, Solidarity Strategies…Chuck learns important lessons after making a professional mistake…Chuck’s advice for anyone starting their own political business…Chuck helps elect an underdog insurgent Mayor of Providence, RI…Chuck talks the different vibes in pitching the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders…Chuck talks how the mistakes and experiences from Bernie 2016 led to the early Bernie 2020 momentum…Chuck’s advice as to how local campaigns can replicate the Bernie 2020 organizing success…Chuck’s insight into Bernie Sanders’ the person that the rest of us don’t know…Who had the best Bernie impression on the campaign?Chuck stars the innovative Nuestro Super PAC?Chuck’s advice to help Democrats better connect with Latino voters…Chuck talks the importance of cultural competency in communicating with Latino voters…Chuck’s career advice for the next generation of operatives…The new habit that is “changing Chuck’s life”…AND…Luis Alcauter, aspirational messaging, beepers, the Blue Green Alliance, Buddy Cianci, Larry Cohen, economic populism, eggheads, El Charro’s, Jorge Elorza, Jim English, Martin Frost, Eileen Garcia, Daysi Gonzalez, Goodyear Tire, Google translate, Maria Hinojosa, Yvette Herrera, keyboard warriors, Matthew McConaughey, John Nash, Nuestro PAC, Vinny Panvini, Ari Rabin-Havt, rapid-response fax machines, rednecks in East Texas, Ann Richards, Jon Soltz, Larry Scanlon, Terry Turner, Tio Bernie, Tortilla Coast, Vote Vets, Jeff Weaver, woke white consultants, & MORE!
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