69 minutes | Jan 9, 2021

Meet The Mentors: 5 Start Your Private Practice Mentors Tell All

Are you ready to start your private practice? If you’ve been thinking about getting support from the Start Your Private Practice system but haven’t fully decided to go for it yet, you’ll definitely want to hear this episode as I am joined by 4 mentors of the program, Claudia, Tommy, Adrienne and Bobby. In this episode, the mentors and I chat about what led them to the program, the people who tend to succeed in it and how having a private practice has helped them level up in business and life!

What we discuss: 

  • What the culture of the group is like 
  • What traits you need to be successful in the program and private practice
  • Benefits that you get from being apart of the group
  • Advice for people on the fence about starting their private practice



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