27 minutes | Jan 30, 2021

Celebrating Milestones: The 100th Episode and My 40th Birthday

Are you ready to hear an exciting and reflective episode?

Today on the podcast, we are talking about two major milestones: the 100th episode and my 40th birthday!

From my very first episode to episodes that almost didn’t air and more, I am celebrating some of the biggest lessons I've learned since starting a podcast and recognizing some of the amazing guests that helped me get to where I am today. I am also covering what the future holds for the show.

From there, I am sharing with you a recap of my career thus far, lessons from my life and some plans and goals that I have for the future. 

In Today's Episode, We Discuss:

  • What has changed since the very first episode
  • Stories of the guests I’ve had on the show 
  • How I started my own private practice
  • What my mission is for my 40th year
  • The plans I have for the future of the podcast, my business and my life

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