29 minutes | Jan 23, 2019

Patrick Tedjamulia – Founder and CEO of VideoPeel – Video Review Expert 019

Today, Patrick Tedjamulia shares the story of how he founded and became the CEO of Videopeel, a video review platform. He talks about his love for customer insights, which led him to discover the true value of videos in advertising. Consumers First Thinking Before his venture into Facebook and Google, Patrick worked in brand management. His initial training for his career had been about consumer packaged goods. He was trained in marketing by Procter & Gamble with a consumer’s boss thinking. “It’s all about first understanding who your consumer really was, stepping into the shoes of the consumer. That’s been my love and my passion.” – Patrick Tedjamulia Patrick then went to MBA school in Duke University to further his education in consumer insights and research. Facebook and Google Advertising Patrick’s formal training and education in understanding consumers eventually helped him as he worked at Facebook and Google. “As I started helping them build their advertising tools, I had to understand their customer, and their customer was every advertiser.” – Patrick Tedjamulia With millions of advertisers in these platforms, Patrick had to be in tune with their needs, such as AdWords that would allow them to accomplish their business goals. He had to find ways to drive traffic to their brand, their website, and their store. He also helped them in launching their objectives, ads reporting, and a ton of advertising tools and applications. Realizing the Power of Video Patrick noticed that advertisers across the board  are having trouble with two main things. First is trying to get their ads to convert, which is every advertiser’s problem. Second, their consumers are losing trust in their ads. In trying to solve these, he realized that the number of videos being posted on Facebook was growing like crazy. This eventually made him realize the power that videos hold. “I knew that the best way for someone to be able to bring out the truth about a product, bring out the truth about their business, bring out the truth about who they are as founders of their business, is video.” – Patrick Tedjamulia Connect with Patrick Tedjamulia: Patrick Tedjamulia – LinkedIn Website – Videopeel Facebook – Videopeel Twitter – Videopeel Instagram – Videopeel Sign up for Videopeel, mention Jonathan Gabriel and the Private Label Movement to receive a 20% discount! Sponsor: Sellerboard.com – Financial Insights for Amazon Sellers Your first month is free. Chat them “PLM” and get your second month free, too! Join the Movement – Join the Summit From March 5 to March 8, Jonathan is hosting the Private Label Summit. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or ready to begin your own private label, join Jonathan Gabriel with expert guests Ezra Firestone, Trey Lewellen, Dana Derricks, Nate Lind and so many more! It’s 4 full days packed with great conversations about Amazon FBA, drop-shipping, Facebook ads and more. Join the summit to start or grow your private label brand today! Sign up for Jonathan Gabriel’s Private Label Summit FREE at www.PrivateLabelSummit.com Connect with Jonathan: LinkedIn Email Jonathan Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Jordan Rolband on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
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