30 minutes | Oct 1, 2021

S6E7| Yes, you can measure ethical culture

Abstract: How do you measure ethical culture? And how do those measurements influence business outcomes? In this episode of the Principled Podcast, Ethics & Compliance Advisor Arieana Thompson talks with her colleague Emily Miner, Senior Ethics & Compliance Advisor, about the 2021 LRN Benchmark of Ethical Culture—a new study from LRN that will be released in the coming weeks. In this global benchmark survey of 8,000+ employees at corporations around the world, LRN examines the underpinnings of corporate culture and its influence on employee perceptions and performance. Listen in as Arieana and Emily explore how ethical culture doesn’t just protect business assets and reputation; but also propels the bottom line.   Featured guest: Emily Miner is a Senior Advisor in LRN’s Ethics & Compliance Advisory practice. She counsels executive leadership teams on how to actively shape and manage their ethical culture through deep quantitative and qualitative understanding and engagement. A skilled facilitator, Emily emphasizes co-creative, bottom-up, and data-driven approaches to foster ethical behavior and inform program strategy. Emily has led engagements with organizations in the healthcare, technology, manufacturing, energy, professional services, and education industries. Emily co-leads LRN’s ongoing flagship research on E&C program effectiveness and is a thought leader in the areas of organizational culture, leadership, and E&C program impact. Prior to joining LRN, Emily applied her behavioral science expertise in the environmental sustainability sector, working with non-profits and several New England municipalities; facilitated earth science research in academia; and contributed to drafting and advancing international climate policy goals. Emily has a Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida with a degree in Anthropology.   Featured Host:  Dr. Arieana Thompson believes in transforming the modern-day workplace through thought-provoking, evidence-based insights. Arieana is a subject matter expert in executive leadership, succession management, ethics and compliance (E&C), wellness cultures, and employee development. Arieana has experience advising in external and internal capacities and professional speaking. Arieana offers professional and wellness coaching, helping leaders and individuals to harness natural strengths and reduce stress. As a scientist-practitioner, Arieana actively researches and publishes employee well-being, organizational culture, and leadership thought-pieces in both industry and peer-reviewed academic journals (see links in the "Featured" section below). These publications enable executives to create and sustain values-led, profitable, and creative companies.    
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