43 minutes | Mar 21, 2019

The best FUNNEL to launch your business and get SALES FAST

Hello guys. Prince here again. welcome to part 3 of 4. of our "intro to the minimalist framework", On this episode i am going to go through the fastest FUNNEL to launch your business and get SALES FAST.  This episode is the core of our learning so far. i am going to be covering; What does traffic really mean? Understanding where to get customers that already wants to pay you. How to listen to your market and let them tell you what to create and how to serve them. How to create an irresistible offers around your core product Simplifying your sales process. Extra: why you should read expert secrets before dotcom secrets This is a really good episode. It is at the heart --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/funnelistlabs/message
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