21 minutes | Apr 9, 2021

Megan Taylor and Claire Hardy, Co-founders - Move The World, UK

Megan Taylor and Claire Hardy are my guests for today! They are two amazing young leaders based in the UK. I met them in 2015 when we co-hosted a project called 1BA Community Day in Medie, in Ghana.Megan began her career as a professional contemporary-ballet dancer in London. Whilst a dancer, she became curious about the dance community and noticed a void of professional and personal support - she started a network called Dance London that provided holistic training and support to young freelance dancers. From one-to-one support to larger educational seminars, her programming reached over 1000 dancers in two years.Claire started her career at an early age as a professional dancer. She has travelled the world, worked as a behaviour interventionist for children with autism, facilitated various programmes within the dance world and the corporate sector. The charity sector however, is Claire’s passion, drive, and her my entire life. She has a strong affinity for small charities, because she believes the small charities have the ability to reach a smaller subset of society, to build trust, make tangible impact, plus a huge bonus of meeting incredible people doing amazing things.Both Megan & Claire are co-founders of the charity Move The World; a UK registered charity focused on community development and Global Citizenship education in Ghana. They support the development of leadership skills and capabilities in young people, to enable projects and programmes that tackle local community issues.Get more information on Move The World here: https://movetheworld.co/This is...Your Big Leadership Lesson!Instagram: https://instagram.com/leadwithprince/​​Twitter: https://twitter.com/leadwithprince​​Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leadwithprince​Website: https://princeaduappiah.com
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