72 minutes | May 12, 2021


We open Mooney's Vault to relive another legendary conversation. We welcome WWE announcer, Corey Graves! Corey takes us back to his early years - growing up always wanting to become a wrestler, getting involved with amateur wrestling, and having his first professional match as a teenager. Corey reflects on his initial stint in the WWE in the mid-2000s, and having to work as a 911 dispatcher once it ended. He also shares stories of going to FCW and working with Dusty Rhodes, and when he first noticed the evolution of FCW to NXT. Corey talks about his struggles with concussions, and the ultimate end to his in-ring career. He also talks about embarking on his new career as an announcer. working in NXT before landing a spot on Monday Night Raw. Corey talks about what it's like being an announcer for the WWE and the chaotic nature of live WWE TV, working alongside Michael Cole, and sharing stories of having Vince McMahon in his ear! Plus, Corey talks about the comparisons made between him and past announcers, the art of playing a heel commentator, and so much more!If you're over 40, and want to learn how to cook the best steak, find a cool sense of style, save for retirement no matter how old you are, or want to be unstoppable, check out our other podcast, Upside of 40! Listen, subscribe, and leave us a 5 star review on iTunes! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/upside-of-40-with-sean-mooney/id1467683353
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