9 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

#79 Wait, is that allowed?

Hang on a mo, do you really think you’re allowed to do what you need, to say what you want, to feel how you feel, to think those thoughts and be the real you? Says who?! In this episode we look at: How we can feel we don’t have permission to think, feel, say, be or do what we want or need The impact this has on our wellbeing and our everyday lives How we can start to allow ourselves to act in the way we truly want to Resources: If you’d like to find out more about coaching with me click here  Come say hi to me here on Instagram, I’m @gabrielletreanor If you enjoy the podcast I’d love you to leave a review on iTunes so that others can find it too If you value what I share in the podcast, and elsewhere, you can buy me a virtual cuppa here 
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