9 minutes | Nov 10th 2020

#71 You make more of an impact than you think

We may not realise it but how you are, what you say and do, has an impact that goes beyond those immediately around us. So not only do we affect others when we’re tired, overwhelmed or stressed, but also when we’re energised, relaxed and happy… In this episode we look at: Research that shows just how far-reaching an affect we can have on other people How that questions the idea that taking care of your own needs and desires is selfish I share an example of how I saw the ripple effect for myself What the ripple effect means for how we treat ourselves   Resources: My new online course, Rooted – feel calm, in control and confident you can cope – is available to pre-order now with two bonuses to boot! Click here to find out more and join  Come say hi to me on Instagram, I’m @gabrielletreanor If you enjoy the podcast I’d love you to leave a review on iTunes so that others can find it too If you value what I share in the podcast, and elsewhere, you can buy me a virtual cuppa https://ko-fi.com/gabrielletreanor
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