10 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

#67 What does introversion have to do with feeling overwhelmed?

Knowing how introverted you are (or aren’t) and understanding what introversion really is (and what it isn’t) empowers you to recognise what contributes to your overwhelm and so how to deal with and reduce it. In this episode we look at: The differences between introversion and extroversion What introversion is and is not How your introversion nature shows up in everyday life How being an introvert can lead to overwhelm How understanding your introversion is freeing, not limiting Resources: Download your free 7 Steps to Overcome Introvert Overwhelm guide here  Susan Cain’s book Quiet If you’d like to find out more about coaching with me click here  Come say hi to me on Instagram, I’m @gabrielletreanor If you enjoy the podcast I’d love you to leave a review on iTunes so that others can find it too If you value what I share in the podcast, and elsewhere, you can buy me a virtual cuppa here
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