43 minutes | Feb 6th 2020

Bias in Decision-Making, Social Media’s Role in Investor Communication, and I-FOMO | Ryan Guggenmos & Kristina Rennekamp

Professor Ryan Guggenmos and Professor Kristina Rennekamp (MS '11 and PhD '12) introduce the field of behavioral accounting by discussing the common biases that individuals, investors, managers, and regulators face when making decisions. From being too overconfident when picking stocks to anchoring on a low number when buying a car - they illustrate the common biases that individuals face and connect these to managerial decisions. They also discuss their research into the evolutions of investment disclosures, including pro-forma earnings, readability, and social media as a new medium. And they describe their newly coined term I-FOMO, Investor Fear of Missing Out, which is used to assess how changing investor communication practices are impacting everyday investors. 

Ryan Guggenmos is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Johnson Graduate School of Management. His research focuses on how biases in human behavior affect decision processes in accounting contexts. He received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and his BA from Seattle University. At Johnson, he teaches the popular elective Managerial Accounting and Reporting.

Kristina Rennekamp is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Johnson Graduate School of Management. Her research examines financial accounting from a behavioral perspective, and particularly how biases affect managers' disclosure decisions and users' judgments with respect to those disclosures. She received her Masters of Science and PhD from Johnson in Accounting and earned her MBA and Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Iowa. At Johnson, she teaches the Core Financial Accounting class for the Ithaca residential MBA programs and was named one of Poets and Quants Best 40 under 40 Professors in 2017. 

Links from the Episode at presentvaluepodcast.com Faculty Profiles: Johnson - Ryan Guggenmos / Johnson - Kristina Rennekamp SSRN Research Profiles: Ryan Guggenmos / Kristina Rennekamp I-FOMO Paper: Mobile Devices and Investment Apps: The Effects of Information Release, Push Notification and the Fear of Missing Out (I-FOMO) Guggenmos Video Lecture: The Impact of Innovation and Technology on Accounting and Accounting Research Poets and Quants: 2017 Best 40 Under 40 Profile: Kristina Rennekamp
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