58 minutes | Aug 11th 2020

35. Jacki Carr on The 3 B Words: Busy, Balance and Boundaries.

#35: In this episode, I chatted with the one and only Jacki Carr, a Goal Coach & Speaker who works with womxn to uplevel their Voice, Vision & Goals.

Jacki is also an avid hiker and mama to 2 little girls. Jacki is just one of those people that lights up the room and I’m so excited to share this conversation I had with her. 

The biggest takeaway I want you to get from this episode is the 3 B words: Busy, Balance and Boundaries. Months ago, before covid-19 changed everything, I went to an in-person event where Jacki spoke on this topic and I was forever changed. You’re going to love it.

To connect with Jacki, https://www.instagram.com/jackicarr/ 

To connect with Leyla, https://www.instagram.com/leylasarper/