36 minutes | Jun 24, 2019

The Seven Day Surrender Challenge

Been telling yourself you want to start meditating, but haven’t known where to start? Tried meditating before, but couldn’t stop the thoughts from racing around in your head?Trying to heal from trumatic experiences?Having a hard time putting your ego in check?Feeling too busy? Easily agitated?Wanting crystal clear vision of your life purpose?Each minute of the Seven Day Surrender Challenge is evidence-based and has been carefully designed for effectiveness. Day 1: 36 min.Days 2-7: 27 min.(198 minutes laying the foundation to a whole new you)Perfect step-by step start to meditation for beginners...New tools and techniques for the advanced. Combining thousands of years of experience and techniques, with NEW insights, because it works. Beginners will find this guided Surrender Lab Session an easy way to be helped step-by-step, getting started into their own mindfulness practice. With that said, and from what I’ve learned collaborating with many others now, even if you are very experienced with meditation, Surrender Lab can add additional tools, techniques, and insights for you to become increasingly present as well.  Show notes and other Presence related episodes can be found at: PresencePodcast.comEmail at: kenn@kenn.meYou can also follow or message on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @kennsullivan  If you are searching, search "Kenn Sullivan" or "Presence Podcast Kenn"Welcome to Surrender Lab. [WARNING] DO NOT DRIVE AND LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE AT THE SAME TIME. (Includes 27 minute seated private meditation)Like I’ve mentioned in earlier episodes, I call it Surrender Lab because in my experience, Surrender is the most useful word I’ve found that helps to uncover the very best of what life has to offer. And Lab, because in the lab we can experiment and become a little more aware by observing how everything is always changing, and then as we observe...when we learn tools that can awaken the powerful observer inside, we find ourselves feeling more balance and peace of mind by simply becoming increasingly self-aware, seeing a little more clearly, and respecting everything AS IT IS.Surrender Lab is the most natural, effective, and efficient way I’ve learned about Presence. It is a combination of various forms of meditation with thousands of years of experience, combined with my own experimenting with techniques as well. If you are really serious about getting the most out of life with mindfulness, based on my observations so far, I would recommend you commit to doing this particular 27 minute meditation every day for seven days straight as part of establishing your personal practice. It keeps getting deeper each time you do it. Once you’ve done this for at least 7 days consecutively, you will be prepared for the next level in Surrender Lab where we dive deeper into re-programming our subconscious to align with the ideal life we’d like to create for ourselves. For those who’ve struggled staying consistent before, I am confident you’ll see why building this foundation is critical, and can become a beautiful part of your practice you really look forward to. Here are some recommendations as we get started. Any level of participation in Surrender Lab will give you major benefits, but, If you decide you’d like to participate fully, and follow all of the recommendations, in my experience, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the benefits you will receive will be in direct proportion to your level of commitment. Just like you hear elite athlete’s and personal trainers talk about… It’s in the lSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=PHVE7E3932LHS&source=url)
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