22 minutes | May 9, 2019

God vs No God - and the Winner Is

Ever since leaving Mormonism five years ago, I still get asked every now and then, "Do you believe in God?" or, “So now what do you believe in Kenn?” For a couple of years, I thought about it every day, and on a lot of the days, most of the day.  In this episode, I share what I’ve come up with, as my answer for that...so far. Kenn's email kenn@kenn.meKenn's Experienced Truths1.     IT IS ALWAYS NOW. Everything is AS IT IS no matter what we believe. 2.     Everything and Everyone is connected and interrelated, and impacting everything else.3.     The physical existence is a playground for creation, and is for discovering who we really are by having experience.4.     Our mind / our ego / our judge helps us create, and to have experience, but our suffering begins when use the ego for individual identity.5.     By surrendering our intellect for acceptance of everything ‘AS IT IS’ in the now, we are liberated from all self-sabotaging beliefs. 6.     Everything and Everyone and is ALWAYS CHANGING.7.     Increasing observation helps us see our positive or negative impact on EVERYTHING.8.     Experiencing presence always trumps thinking about experiencing anything.9.     Surrendering to the reality of what is right now, we discover the best of what life has to offer internally.10. In the now, accepting what is real, we are finally able to let go of our insecurities, anxiety, depression, cravings, insanity, violence within, etc. and discover the essence of our being.11. The ability to project time can be useful yet it is a psychological illusion. Life is like a dance of experience IN THE NOW, rather than a journey along a timeline.12. Believing in our version of history, or hoping for future fulfillment are both self-sabotage, resistance to truth, and perpetuates suffering and violence within at some level.13. We have the power to choose to accept our circumstances, walk away from them, or attempt to change them. Our power to choose only resides in the now.14. Suffering is a choice. When we resist WHAT IS, we choose to suffer. It is not good or bad, just a choice. We stop suffering when we choose to stop.15. Complaining under any circumstances is resistance to the reality of what is and causes suffering.16. When we shrink from pain, it increases. We gain balance, peace of mind, and learn to transform agitation into activation by lovingly leaning into the edges of our comfort zones...be they physical, emotional, mental, social, or spiritual, etc. 17. ANY resistance to full honesty—‘being truth’, is self-deception and leads away from love, and toward the choice to suffer. Love is experienced in direct proportion to complete honesty.18. Gratitude is a tool to accept the truth EVERYTHING can be used to help us become increasingly conscious, and points toward expanding into BEING LOVE in the present moment.19. Love ONLY exists in the now, and we always have access.20. Life is whole, complete, and full of love right now.21. Everything really is OK with everyone, right here, right now. Individual perceptions filter and resist this reality which keeps our mind / our ego / our judge focusing on differences instead of our interrelationship, and wholeness. 22. We gain wisdom by making our mind / judge / ego the Co-pilot, instead of the Pilot.23. We access TRUE LOVE to the depth, breadth, and magnitude we discover it internally.24. We haveSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=PHVE7E3932LHS&source=url)
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