14 minutes | Oct 21, 2019

Master Heart Rate Training For Better Results At Any Age (Q&A)

In this episode, Coach Hayden talks about how to track your heart rate, how it changes with age, what the heart rate training zones are and much more. Video Version or Written Transcript available at http://www.preppedforadventure.com/heart-rate-training Topics/Questions Covered 1. Why should you track your heart rate? (1:20) 2. Does your heart rate change with age? (3:34) 3. Is it bad to have a slow heart rate? (4:58) 4. What are the heart rate training zones? (6:30) 5. What heart rate should you be training at? (8:12) 6. Do you need a heart rate monitor? (10:04) 7. What does heart rate variability mean? (11:42) Related Links/Products Mentioned • FREE P4A Endurance FitFam Facebook Group (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual) • “The Adventure Manual” Training Guide (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual ) • Prepped For Adventure Coaching Packages (http://www.preppedforadventure.com) LIKE this podcast if you learned something new! COMMENT with what topic you'd like me to cover next! SUBSCRIBE for more endurance training content!
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