17 minutes | Oct 7, 2019

Make It To The Finish Line Of An IRONMAN & MORE (Q&A)

In this episode, Coach Hayden talks about how to make it to the finish line of an IRONMAN and answers other endurance training questions. Video or Written Transcript available at http://www.preppedforadventure.com/ironman-finish-line Topics/Questions Covered 1. How should you prepare for an IRONMAN triathlon? (1:24) 2. What should a first time IRONMAN competitor know? (3:53) 3. Is it possible to train yourself for the IRONMAN Triathlon? (6:40) 4. Which leg of a triathlon is most difficult? (7:59) 5. How do you improve your open water swim for triathlons? (10:05) 6. What should you do in the last week before a triathlon? (11:53) 7. What's a respectable time for an IRONMAN? (13:19) Related Links/Products Mentioned • FREE P4A Endurance FitFam Facebook Group (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual) • “The Adventure Manual” Training Guide (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual ) • Prepped For Adventure Coaching Packages (http://www.preppedforadventure.com) LIKE this podcast if you learned something new! COMMENT with what topic you'd like me to cover next! SUBSCRIBE for more endurance training content!
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