18 minutes | Oct 29, 2019

How To Stop Being A Skinny Endurance Athlete And Start Strength Training Like A Beast (Q&A)

In this episode, Coach Hayden talks about weight training for beginners, how strength training can help with running and weight loss plus much more! Video Version or Written Transcript available at http://www.preppedforadventure.com/strength-training Topics/Questions Covered: 1. What’s the best weight training program for beginners? (0:44) 2. Is weight training different for women? (3:57) 3. Should runners do strength training? (6:34) 4. Is strength training good for weight loss? (9:03) 5. How can you do strength training at home? (10:32) 6. What is “functional” strength training? (11:53) 7. What are the top 5 muscular strength exercises? (13:24) Related Links/Products Mentioned • FREE P4A Endurance FitFam Facebook Group (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual) • “The Adventure Manual” Training Guide (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual ) • Prepped For Adventure Coaching Packages (http://www.preppedforadventure.com) LIKE this video if you learned something new! COMMENT with what topic you'd like me to cover next! SUBSCRIBE for more endurance training content!
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