19 minutes | Sep 30, 2019

How To Lose Weight By Running & MORE (Q&A)

In this episode, Coach Hayden talks about how to lose weight by running and answers some other endurance training questions. Topics/Questions Covered • Does Running Work For Losing Weight? (01:33) • How we can lose weight by only running? (04:00) • Can running in the morning make you lose more weight? (5:32) • Is running better than walking in terms of losing weight? (6:36) • What is better for weight loss, running or cycling? (9:21) • Should I lose weight by running or go to a gym first? (11:59) • I don't like running, so what are my options to lose weight? (14:55) Related Links/Products Mentioned • FREE P4A Endurance FitFam Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/P4AEnduranceFitFam/) • “The Adventure Manual” Training Guide (https://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual) • Prepped For Adventure Coaching Packages (https://www.preppedforadventure.com)
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