17 minutes | Nov 5, 2019

Body Fat Secrets - Look Sexy While Increasing Endurance At The Same Time (Q&A)

In this episode, Coach Hayden talks about body fat percentage, the quickest way to lose fat, how to improve body composition plus much more. Video Version or Written Transcript available at http://www.preppedforadventure.com/body-fat Topics/Questions Covered: 1. What does “Body Fat Percentage” mean? (00:51) 2. What is a healthy body fat percentage range? (02:22) 3. How do you calculate your Body Fat? (04:43) 4. What’s the quickest way to lose fat? (07:25) 5. How do you improve body composition? (09:39) 6. What is the best workout to burn body fat? (11:41) 7. How do I remove fat from my armpits, neck, etc? (13:11) Related Links/Products Mentioned • FREE P4A Endurance FitFam Facebook Group (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual) • “The Adventure Manual” Training Guide (http://www.preppedforadventure.com/adventuremanual ) • Prepped For Adventure Coaching Packages (http://www.preppedforadventure.com) LIKE this podcast if you learned something new! COMMENT with what topic you'd like me to cover next! SUBSCRIBE for more endurance training content!
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