46 minutes | Jun 17th 2019

#7 | Life As A College Strength & Conditioning Coach

In this episode Ryan and Craig discuss what it is ultimately like to be a Strength & Conditioning Coach. Ryan shares his journey regarding how he ended up as the assistant director of sports performance at DePaul University in Chicago, what his job entails, and the honest truth about the profession and what it takes to work your way up the chain in the field. Ryan also gives advice and wisdom for aspiring S&C coaches and talks about his relationships with athletes, coaches, and the medical team from the S&C standpoint. We also talked shop for a bit as well! Ryan Nosak is in his second season as the Assistant Director of Sports Performance at DePaul. Nosak primarily works with the cross country, golf, women's soccer, and track and field programs while also assisting with the men's basketball team. He plays an extensive role in the athlete monitoring process for all teams, working specifically with force plates and the isometric mid thigh pull, and he leads the sports performance internship program. Prior to DePaul, Nosak spent two years at Charlotte as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, at Robert Morris University in 2014-15, and also worked at Vanderbilt (2014), Tennessee State (2013-14) and Penn State (2011-13). 




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