43 minutes | Oct 22nd 2019

#24 | ACL Rehab With Dr. Wesley Wang

Mike spoke with Physical Therapist Dr. Wesley Want who specializes in ACLr rehab, especially end-stage rehab and return to sport. Wes is passionate about decreasing 2nd and even 1st ACL injury risk, and believe the high 2nd ACL injury rates (>20%) can be attributed to a lack of proper end-stage rehab and return to sport testing. Wes covers many of his tips and tricks with ACLr rehab, general time frames when he wants certain criteria met, and also his ACL Mastermind Group which boosts over 100 therapists, trainers, and coaches who collaboratively are pushing the field of ACLr rehab. 


Get in Touch With Dr. Wesley Wang 

Website: https://www.wesleywangdpt.com/ 

ACL Mastermind Group: https://wesleywangdpt.mykajabi.com/ 

Instagram: @WesleyWang.dpt 


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