43 minutes | Aug 8th 2019

#13 | Everything You Need To Know For Obstacle Course Races

In this episode Craig and Ryan discuss everything you need to get motivated for an obstacle course race. Ryan plans to compete in 40+ races in 2019 alone. Ryan is also a certified Spartan Coach and helps people on a daily basis to get mentally and physically prepared to race as well. We discuss some of the factors that go into training for these type of races. Ryan also shares stories how he and others are able to overcome personal obstacles to achieve their goal of racing. 


Ryan's Bio 

Ryan Kennedy is a Certified Spartan SGX Coach and full-time personal trainer. He has been training clients 1-on-1 and in small groups for over ten years. Ryan’s main focus now is preparing athletes of all ages and fitness levels for Obstacle Course Racing. Ryan has competed in over 50 Spartan Races, including Ultra distances and 24-hour events. He is a Penn State Alum who is also certified through the NSCA, NASM, FMS, DVRT, HKC, and Strongfirst. 



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Guest: Ryan Kennedy 

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