54 minutes | Dec 17, 2019

A Single Mother By Choice, A 30+ Time Donor Father and Other Modern Sperm Donation Stories

The tropes of the sperm donor and the families they help create are well worn, to be kind. The stupid college kid trying to make a couple quick bucks, the infertile couple making a last ditch effort, etc – some of these stories might be true, but they're just a fraction of what sperm donor stories really look like.In this episode, Andrea sits down with two people whose stories speak to the different lives sperm donation touches. First, we hear from Selena, a single mother by choice with a message for her donor. Next, we'll talk to someone we'll call Mike, a biological father to more than 30 offspring that he hopes to get to know.If you have a stranger than fiction family planning story that you'd like to tell, get in touch with us at https://pregnantish.com/contact-us/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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