43 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

Episode 158: Revenue Harvest - Nigel Green

What do farming and sales have to do with each other, and why would you want to read a sales book written like an almanac? Today’s guest has thoughts about the connections between harvesting and sales, which is why he wrote the book Revenue Harvest: A Sales Leader’s Guide for Planning the Perfect Year. Listen in to hear more about Nigel’s work, where he gets started with his clients, and why he decided to write his book the way that he did. Episode Highlights: What Nigel does What equity-backed means to Nigel Nigel’s international clients Where Nigel gets started with advising companies How well the companies that Nigel works with know their audiences How long Nigel works with clients What prompted Nigel to put sales advice into a book that reads like an almanac The problem with taking a short-term view Where to find Nigel online Nigel’s six-step hiring process Resources:  Nigel Green Revenue Harvest
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