28 minutes | Aug 18, 2020

Episode 150: Beyond Quotas and Commission - Clancy Clark

Sales is more than numbers, quotas, and commissions, but it can be easy to lose sight of the value that you can bring to others through sales. Today’s guest is here to talk about going beyond the numbers and embracing service through sales.  Clancy Clark is the author of a book called Selling by Serving: Find Fulfillment in Your Career and Sell More Than You Ever Thought Possible. He’s also the author behind a method that he uses for selling and speaking and coaching that teaches about how to have a more fulfilling sales career. Listen in to hear what Clancy has to say about the steps of his method, the role of empathy in sales, and how listeners can learn how to apply Clancy’s methods.  Episode Highlights:  How intuition and being human are the precursors for Clancy’s book How Clancy was able to create a series of steps for selling by serving Whether the steps should be followed in a particular order How empathy on the part of salespeople will factor into sales post-Covid-19 Looking at sales as a way of helping people Sincerity in sales The ways that listeners can learn about how to apply Clancy’s steps in their practice Method vs. Mastery Resources:  Clancy Clark
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