30 minutes | May 5, 2020

Episode 147: Maintaining Momentum - Simon Portwain

Whether you’re new to sales or you’ve been in the game for a while and you’re looking for a way to achieve sales mastery, today’s guest has some ideas for you Simon Portwain is the author of a new book, Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows. Simon joins the podcast today to talk about some of the ideas that he covers in his book. Listen in to hear what he has to say about sales momentum, developing a sales journey plan, and transitioners for salespeople.  Episode Highlights:  Why Simon was motivated to write this book What sales momentum is The framework around sales momentum How sales journey plans develop Where sales journey plans start What influences sales activity How momentum and journey are linked to transitioners Finding your success formula Resources:  Simon Portwain Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows – Amazon Sales Icon: Selling in the Shadows – Barnes and Noble Email Simon: simon@sales-icon.com 
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