29 minutes | Sep 24, 2019

Episode 143: Podcasting as a Sales Tool - Matt Johnson

Podcasting is still a new and growing medium, but it has a lot of exciting potential as a sales tool, among other things. Today’s guest, Matt Johnson, is the founder of a podcasting production agency and he has explored some interesting ways to use the medium that may be valuable to sales professionals. Listen in to hear about Matt’s LinkedIn script, his strategy using podcasting, and the results rates that he’s seen from his methods.   Episode Highlights:  What Matt does and who he serves How Matt’s LinkedIn script works Matt’s response rates, and how they compare to the average The overall reaction to Matt’s lead generation Matt’s overall strategy Developing relationships with people in different parts of the sales process How podcasting relates to problem solving and expertise Where to start in podcasting Where to look for podcasts that are a potential fit Goals for beginning podcast hosts and guests  Resources:  Pursuing Results How to Get Featured
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