36 minutes | Aug 20, 2019

Episode 142: Diversity in the Sales and Marketing Industry - Natalie Severino

While the importance of diversity is stressed in many industries today, other fields are still known for being “old boys clubs” – and sales is one of those fields. Today’s guest is here to talk about diversity in the sales and marketing industry and what has and hasn’t changed for women in those fields.  Natalie Severino is the Vice President of Marketing at Chorus.ai. Listen to the conversation to hear what Natalie has to say about the research studying differences between men and women in sales, how men and women respond differently to job descriptions and requirements, and what people in leadership can do to bring in more women.  Episode Highlights:  What’s changing for women in sales and marketing What the research says about the difference between the ways men and women sell Reasons why women might outperform men in sales Building rapport and establishing status How the language in job descriptions affects female candidates The difference between how men and women respond to job requirements How marketing and sales differ in terms of diversity What leadership can do to bring in more women Women’s groups that listeners can attend  Resources:  Natalie Severino Women Sales Pros Girls Club
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