0 minutes | Nov 19, 2018

Don't stay down

Are you tired Are you depressed Are you sad Are you angry Yeah it's fine to think about it But don't worry about it Do something to change it  Go online  Research Learn read  Don't stay there  Don't be stuck Move forward Write the vision Make it plain Put it in front of you Think about it Talk about it Affirm it Confess it Till you see it Don't stay there and cry Don't throw in the towel  It is not over  Until it is over  You are alive  And that's an opportunity to make things right  It's your life  Hold on to it Guard it with all you've got  Push  Keep pushing  Don't measure your life with other people's yardstick Your life is different Their life is different Keep doing what you are doing  But in a different way Don't stay there Don't be depressed Don't be down Sometimes it's okay  to be down  But don't stay down  Don't stay down 
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