85 minutes | Sep 18, 2019

Mallorie Vaudoise—Honoring Your Ancestors

Mallorie Vaudoise’s Neapolitan ancestors migrated to the US at great sacrifice to build a firm foundation for future generations. Mallorie grew up knowing life is not about being a consumer; it’s about being a steward for the next generation. She talked about ancestors beyond our bloodlines and how to venerate them and receive their blessings. In perfect synchronicity, Janet realized her desire to be “home” in the Hudson River Valley is the call of her Huguenot ancestors who came to America in 1624!

Mallorie Vaudoise has a spectacular array of spiritual credentials. She is a witch of Italian Catholic descent and apprenticed to the world-renowned Italian folk musician and shaman Alessandra Belloni. In addition, Mallorie is an initiated Olorisha priestess in Lucimi and a Quimbandeira com licenca in Brazilian Quimbanda. Mallorie writes a wildly popular blog, Italian Folk Magic, and just published Honoring your Ancestors.

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