86 minutes | Sep 4, 2019

Dr Christine Page—The healing power of the sacred woman

Christine was nurtured by her Scottish Fae mother and grandmother who knew the land as “sovereign queen.” Perfect grounding for Dr Page’s life’s work helping women remember we are made in the image of the Great Mother. She talked about how our wombs mirror the waxing and waning of the moon, culminating in the dark moon when we are most powerful. And she gave us a 3-day ritual to embrace that dragon power. Now you know why the patriarchy has to kill the dragon!

Dr Christine Page received her medical degree from the University of London and practiced allopathic and complementary medicine for 40 years. When she developed breast cancer, she recognized it as a wake up call from her soul teaching her to put herself first. She listened deeply, healed, and wrote The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman to help all women embody their true female gifts.

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