31 minutes | Nov 5, 2020

21 | Jack The Ripper Part 1: The Whitechapel Murders

Jump in a hansom cab and come with me to the foggy, lamplit streets of London’s East End as we embark on this 7 part mini-series on the gruesome murders of arguably the most infamous serial killer of all time… Jack the Ripper. Pack your doss money and a penny for the newsboy and let’s get started with two killings that occurred just before the Autumn of Terror. Could Emma Smith and Martha Tabram have been early Ripper victims?***Please don’t forget to rate and review on your favourite Podcatcher***Thanks for listening! Here’s how you can get in touch with comments and suggestions:Email: prashsmurdermap@gmail.comCredits:Research, writing, narration and audio editing by PrashSpecial thanks to:Peter Bleksley https://peterbleksley.com/Karl Coppack’s podcast Sherlock: From Adler to Amberley http://www.casebook.org/podcast/listen.html?id=256Philip Hutchinson’s theatre company: https://www.luckydogtheatreproductions.com/Charlie & Eileen – Crimelapse podcast https://www.crimelapsepodcast.com/Jenny – It’s Murder up North podcast https://www.spreaker.com/show/its-murder-up-north_1Emily G. Thompson – Morbidology podcast https://morbidology.com/Erik Rivenes – Most Notorious and Where Blood Runs Cold podcasts https://www.mostnotorious.comAdam, host of UK True Crime podcast https://www.uktruecrime.com/No part of this episode may be reproduced or copied in any form without the written permission of Prash’s Murder Map.Sources:Ackroyd, P & other contributors, 2008, “Jack the Ripper and the East End”, Chatto & Windus, in association with the Museum in Docklands & Museum of LondonAuthor Interviews, 2015, “Dirty Old London”, NPR, https://www.npr.org/2015/03/12/392332431/dirty-old-london-a-history-of-the-victorians-infamous-filth?t=1594571339515&t=1594657184121Clack, Robert & Hutchinson, Philip, 2009, “The London of Jack the Ripper Then and Now”, The Breedon Books Publishing Company Limited, DerbyEvans, Stewart P., & Rumbelow, D, 2006, “Jack the Ripper – Scotland Yard Investigates”, Sutton Publishing Ltd, GloucestershireEvans, Stewart P., & Skinner, K, 2001, “The Ultimate Jack the Ripper Sourcebook An Illustrated Encyclopedia”, Robinson LondonJohnson, Ben, “The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894”, History Magazine, https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofBritain/Great-Horse-Manure-Crisis-of-1894/Jones, Richard, January 2019, “Drinking in the East End”, Drinking and Drunkenness in the Victorian East End, Jack The Ripper Tour, https://www.jack-the-ripper-tour.com/generalnews/drinking-in-the-east-end/Jones, Richard, “The East End Common Lodging Houses”, Jack The Ripper.org, https://www.jack-the-ripper.org/common-lodging-houses.htmJones, Richard, July 2020, “The View from Liverpool”, The High Rip Gangs and the Jack the Ripper Murders, Jack The Ripper Tour, https://www.jack-the-ripper-tour.com/generalnews/the-view-from-liverpool/
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