22 minutes | Jan 28, 2021

Putting wellness at the center of financial planning, with David and Evan Coles

Many advisors take a holistic approach to financial planning, but David and Evan Coles of WMBC Financial in Irvine, California, have gone a step further. Working alongside their father, Scott Coles, who founded WMBC in 2003, the two brothers have developed a proprietary “human wealth” planning strategy, aiming to understand not just clients’ financial needs, but also their emotional relationships to money as well as their sense of overall well-being. In this episode, you will hear David and Evan share how they worked with a think tank on this so-called human wealth approach, and how they implement it in their practice. We will also discuss how this family firm has found success working with other family-owned businesses. Visit PracticeLab to read more.
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