33 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

Building success with retirement buckets, with Joe Schoenhardt and Jim Hinchsliff

Do one thing and do it well. For advisors Joe Schoenhardt and James Hinchsliff, that thing is retirement distribution. They partnered more than 30 years ago, aiming to become retirement specialists without a lot of prospecting. They focused outreach on a few corporations, offering to educate employees about time-release retirement funding. This model has led to strong bonds with organizations, stronger client relationships and steady practice growth without marketing. Today, their Chicago-area firm, Infinity Financial Concepts, manages more than $330 million and gets up to four referrals a week. In this episode, Joe and Jim describe their unique business model, the “aha!” moments in investor seminars, and playing retirement Santa Claus. For more, visit PracticeLab.
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