29 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

Adding family office services and "digital vault" software, with Renee Wolgin

For Renee Wolgin, making the leap from certified public accountant to director of family office at Telemus — a registered investment advisor firm with offices in Detroit and Chicago, managing more than $3 billion — was all about adding value to clients and being more integrated with their finances. “The goal is to promote full financial-life management,” she says. In this episode, Renee talks with Wealth Strategist Leslie Geller about her role as a “virtual family CFO,” the customized services she can offer and the “one-stop shop” value that she brings to clients. Renee also explains how her team uses software that serves as a “digital vault” for client information — and why it becomes a kind of heirloom for clients. For more, visit PracticeLab.
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