40 minutes | May 21, 2021

002 - Roadmap to Financial Freedom with Sonja Palomino

In this episode, Sonja Palomino details what all physicians should do to live financially free. She breaks down what it means to have margin in your life and the importance of having a clear roadmap. Sonja also shares how she analyzes her client’s financial situation so that she can assess and develop an individualized plan. Sonja has personally conducted over 9,000 one-on-one coaching sessions to transform relationships between her clients and their money to get results.  Her unique system looks at much more than simply the numbers.  She empowers her clients to dig deeper to focus on expansion and growth in this typically black-and-white financial realm. Sonja shows her clients how to create strong financial foundations and build the lifestyle and future they silently dream about.Physicians can only Practice: Impossible if they have their financial lives in order and we hope that this episode helps you start your transformative journey.As a BONUS, Sonja wants to give you the opportunity to meet with her for a FREE 30-minute call. Having helped Coach JPMD with his finances, she demonstrated that she can create order out of a messy and complicated situation.Resources:Click here to find out more about Sonja PalominoClick here to scheduling your FREE, CONFIDENTIAL coaching call with SonjaVisit www.coachjpmd.com  for additional resources.*Coach JPMD, LLC is a referral partner of In Joy Consulting
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