34 minutes | May 10th 2017

Power Session #38: "Eliminating the Clutter" with Julie Coraccio

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How much clutter are you allowing to come into, and stay, in your life?

In Power Session #38, Kristy Jo talks with expert Julie Coraccio on eliminating the clutter from life. You will learn how to start being aware of the clutter--and how it's not just physical, but mental, emotional, financial, psychological, or even in relationships.

Julie will guide you down a path to become mindful of taking control of your situation, and freeing yourself on an energy state to live your Powerful Life of more love, value, and service.



Website:    http://reawakenyourbrilliance.com/  

Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/ReawakenYourBrilliance

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliescoraccio Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/reawakenyourbrilliance/?hl=en

Julie's Bio:

Julie Coraccio considers herself a Chief Possibility Officer and often asks, “What else is possible?”  An award-wining professional life organizer, author and certified life coach, she was the first professional organizer, in both home and business, to specialize in being green in the State of North Carolina. She is the owner of Reawaken Your Brilliance.


Julie is passionate about getting people organized, supporting them in clearing clutter in all areas of their life and becoming more mindful and aware in both home and work. She hosts the popular podcast Clearing the Clutter Inside & Out. Based in Raleigh, NC, she works with people around the globe. She is happily married to Tony and is at the beck and call of their two rescued black cats, Joey and Antonio, and brown tabby Athena.

For years, Julie worked as a professional organizer and teaching people how to clear clutter, whether it was for hire, barter, or rescuing family and friends from their clutter nightmares. What started the professional organization and clutter free living ball rolling? Many years ago she was a nanny in Massachusetts. She juggled two children and their busy schedules, as well as running a household. In her first few weeks, she left the house without a complete and organized diaper bag – and that was all it took to ignite her passion. From her experiences as a nanny, her need to organize grew. Soon, not only was her home organized, but family and friends were asking for help. It's been her experience being organized and clutter free brings peace and reduces stress.

In 2009, she took the plunge and started her business Healing through Organization. Her professional life organizing and decluttering business has grown as she overcame her fear of public speaking and taught classes and workshops. Clients also were asking for deeper work and so she started personal development coaching.

In August 2011, she was invited to create and host an online international TV show. She had always enjoyed learning about body, mind and spirit topics and named her show Reawaken Your Brilliance. From this show came the next phase: podcasting!  From the beginning, Clearing the Clutter Inside & Out has resonated with people.  Her weekly podcasts gets over 40K downloads a month.  Julie also realized that she loved the name Reawaken Your Brilliance and that became her official business name.

She is a national and regional award winner:

Los Angeles Award: The Green Award for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Service and the Triangle Business Journal’s
Green Entrepreneurial Effort/Innovative Idea of the Year Honorable Mention.

During the past 8 years she discovered that she enjoyed the variety that coaching, organizing, decluttering, working with entrepreneurs, writing and podcasting brought her. She brings her expertise for home, work and life in those areas to allow her clients to share their gifts with the world. In all her endeavors, her goal is to support people to reawaken their brilliance, find joy and fulfillment and simplify their life.

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