44 minutes | Nov 8, 2020

Jess Holsman – The YouTube Star Educating 400K Subs

Have you ever thought about starting your own YouTube channel? If so, do you know what you’d love to post about and be known for? There’s loads to love when it comes to YouTube, including the fact that you can make a decent career out of it. Best-selling author, entrepreneur and influencer, Jess Holsman, has been uploading vids to YouTube for years and now in 2020 has a whopping 420,000+ subscribers and over 40,000 followers on Insta.  ‘Study With Jess’ is her main channel and on there you’ll find loads of helpful tips, strategies and resources when it comes to productivity and wellbeing, especially in relation to high school and uni. And she’s absolutely the real deal – what you see is what you get on and offline when it comes to Jess, and we’re stoked to have her on the show this week. In this episode, Jess and Gianna chat about: How she became ‘Study with Jess’ Starting a YouTube channel and growing her following, particularly in the US Dealing with social expectations online Jess in high school and the challenges she faced particularly in Year 12 Launching her own businesses including ‘Educationary’  How to collaborate with other people and brands How to prioritise your world so you can be more productive Also, a bit of a warning, you might hear what sounds like chipmunks towards the end of this episode… Let’s just say this week’s challenge is a little out of the box. Enjoy! Let’s Power Up Life! SPONSOR Bloom - a meditation and sleep app that provides daily tools to help you bloom into a better version of yourself. Download Bloom from the app store to receive 1 month FREE! Simply use promo code BLOOM1MTH. But hurry! Offer ends December 31. CREDITS Host: Co-Founder/CEO Happow, Gianna Lucas Producers: Gianna Lucas, Marija Dukadinovska, Carissa Shale SUBSCRIBE Listen via happow.com/podcasts Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on Google Podcasts #PowerUpLife! ADVOCATE PROGRAM Wanna be a Happow Advocate and contribute to our weekly talk topics and more? Email us at yoursay@happow.com. Looking forward to hearing from you! CONTACT US Via our email at hello@happow.com Via our Happow Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/happowau/ Via our Happow Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/HappowAU/ Power Up Life is a podcast by Happow - https://www.happow.com/ KEEP UP TO DATE WITH OUR GUEST Instagram: @studywithjess @educationery See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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