34 minutes | Sep 27, 2020

BONUS: Marlee Silva – Aboriginal History Spanning 80,000 Years

Isn’t it your lucky day? Because this week we’re dropping not one, but TWO episodes with Speaker, Author, Aboriginal Rights Advocate and Happow Ambassador, Marlee Silva! When it comes to Aboriginal culture and history, Marlee is like a well-resourced library. She’s incredibly knowledgeable. So we decided to take full advantage of this and ask Marlee a stack of questions, because to be totally honest, there was a lot we didn’t know about Indigenous culture and history. So we wanted to educate ourselves and others who too would love to learn more! Marlee was so gracious and respectful of Gianna’s questions, and her answers and perspective were eye-opening and insightful. Gianna and Marlee spoke openly about some BIG issues that still exist today. Fun fact. Did you know Aboriginal history spans 80,000 years! This is just one of the many facts Marlee and Gianna spoke about. Here’s some other stuff they covered too: Aboriginal Countries in Australia and Torres Strait Islands Skin names in central Australia Dreamtime The meaning of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags Why Uluru means so much to Aboriginal people The significance of the Southern Cross The 2005 Cronulla riots  The link between racism and fear How far we've come as a society and our hopes for the future Hope you get a lot out of this chat just like we did. …So, for the second time this week, let’s once again Power Up Life! SPONSOR Bloom - a meditation and sleep app that provides daily tools to help you bloom into a better version of yourself. Download Bloom from the app store to receive 1 month FREE! Simply use promo code BLOOM1MTH. But hurry! Offer ends December 31. CREDITS Host: Co-Founder/CEO Happow, Gianna Lucas Producers: Gianna Lucas, Marija Dukadinovska, Carissa Shale SUBSCRIBE Listen via happow.com/podcasts Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on Google Podcasts #PowerUpLife! ADVOCATE PROGRAM Wanna be a Happow Advocate and contribute to our weekly talk topics and more? Email us at yoursay@happow.com. Looking forward to hearing from you! CONTACT US Via our email at hello@happow.com Via our Happow Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/happowau/ Via our Happow Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/HappowAU/ Power Up Life is a podcast by Happow - https://www.happow.com/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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