53 minutes | Nov 7, 2022

Life By Design with Leah McCloud

In this episode, Amanda speaks with Leah McCloud, a Human Design Expert. Leah thoroughly explains what human design is, how understanding yourself on this deeper level will help you live with strategy and authority, and the awesome benefits of creating from this energy.

Human Design is another incredible tool and resource to help you live life more fully and to share yourself in the most confident and authentic way possible.

Discover your unique human design at https://www.thedesignofyou.com

Leah McCloud is a human design expert and spiritual coach, and wellness guru dedicated to demystifying spirituality and bringing people close to their authentic selves through Human Design. Over the past three years, Leah has had experience leading retreats, working one-on-one with clients, and couples, and assisting world wellness leaders. Leah's spiritual philosophy bridges the gap between woo-woo and science, making spirituality digestible, practical, and fun! Her readings, coaching programs, and retreats help others discover their innate gifts and embrace the power of their authenticity.

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The Design of You


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